virtual office assistant hp1 FAQsWho is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person offering services virtually/remotely using his/her own resources and technology for communication and collaboration. These services may include anything from technical to creative to administrative. The concept is spreading  wide and fast because of a variety of advantages is has over traditional work environment.

Why would I use a Virtual Office Assistant?
There are many advantages of using a Virtual Office Assistant; a few of them are listed here:

  • Zero setup cost – In case of hiring a person to work from your office, you need to spend a reasonable sum for the initial set-up. This will include furniture and  fixtures, computer and peripherals etc. This investment can be eliminated by hiring a Virtual Office Assistant.
  • Less recurring cost – Wage standards differ from country to country vastly. If you hire a Virtual Office Assistant from a low cost country, you end up  saving a substantial recurring costs..
  • Pay as you go – In general, there is no fixed cost of hiring a Virtual Office Assistant. You can engage Virtual Office Assistants on time slice basis and pay them as and when you utilize their services.
  • High Service Quality – You can expect a good service quality from a Virtual Office Assistant because they have varied experience having worked for different   clients belonging to different countries. You usually do not get such a versatile experience on hiring a local resource.

How much will it cost me?
The cost will depend upon the kind of services you are seeking. You can Contact us for a proposal to have an exact idea .

What is the mode of payment practiced?
We prefer paypal because it is the easiest, fastest and the most secure way of transferring money overseas. Opening a paypal account is free and no transaction fee is charged for making payments. You can use your credit card to make a payment on paypal.
We are also open to other modes of money transfer like wire transfer, but these cannot be used for transferring small amounts and there is a fixed transaction fee ranging from US$5 to US$25 depending upon the bank involved. Also the transaction fee is payable by the transferee.

Do I need to pay any advance before you start working on the project? If yes, what percentage?
We do not request any advance payment. An invoice of services performed is raised on weekly / monthly basis depending upon the services contract.

Would I be getting discount if I avail more than 1 service from you?
To keep things simple, we have fixed charges for all our services. We are not offering any discounts presently. However you can request a free trail to try our services.

How many hours must I sign up for?
The minimum engagement package is of 4 hours. But we usually prefer clients singing-up for number of hours which they intend to utilize in a Month. This way we do not run out of time in the middle of an important assignment and can ensure timely delivery of work.

Will it work for me?
It has worked for many and it can surely work for you as well. You just need to be patient enough giving some time to your Virtual Office Assistant to understand your needs and adapt accordingly.

Would there be any requirement or a chance to meet the Virtual Assistant in person?
We are based in Central India. Most of our services do not require meeting in-person. However, if you are planning a tour to India and we would be glad to meet you.

What would be my first step in case I want to consider hiring you?
You just need to contact us with a brief description of required service and we will come forward with a proposal and a service agreement at the earliest possible.

What is a service agreement?
A service agreement is a document detailing business terms of our engagement with a client. Depending upon the nature of services required the service agreement can be:

  • an ongoing service agreement with a fixed hourly charge or
  • a one time service agreement for a specific project.

Will there be any procedure to follow when I have decided to hire you?
Once we have a service agreement in place, you will be assigned a Manager (your single point of contact) who will take care of all your service requests.

What modes of communication do you use?
We use different means and modes of communication to collaborate & stay connected with our clients. This includes emails, phone calls, VIOP and Video Conferencing using Skype, instant messengers like Google talk, Yahoo Messenger etc.

Does the contract of work have a written proof or mutual trust is the basis of the same?
We prefer to put everything in writing so that there are no possibilities of ambiguity. The services agreement clearly defines key milestones and payment terms. In case of an on going services agreement all future communications related to the assignment of new tasks and projects are documented and can be referred in future if  required.

Is there any support provided after the project completion?
We do not provide free support after satisfactory completion and closing of the project. Paid support is available anytime as and when required.

Would there be benefits given if I refer another client?
We appreciate your references, they will certainly help us grow and ultimately offer better services to all our clients. But there are no monetary benefits attached.

What do I do in case the service I want is not available on your list?
We will be glad to help you with your requirements. However, in case we are not confident about it, we may not take up the assignment.


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